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Every region of Iran has its own architectural style. Hereunder, the architecture and the styles of house building in different parts of Iran are briefly pointed out:

In the coastal regions of the Caspian Sea (Gilan and Mazandaran provinces), wooden houses are built on woody pillars with roofs made of straw or earthenware.

In the margin of great Iranian desert (Kavir), the most distinct kinds of houses have dome-shaped roofs which are traditionally built according to the climatic conditions of these regions during centuries till now.

In Azarbaijan, the foundations of houses are built of stone and have flat roofs.

In some areas of very hot regions like Khuzestan, especially Dezfool, the basements as well as summer shelters are essential for rural and urban life.

In mountainous areas of Alborz, since many centuries back, most of the houses are made of wood structure with mud walls and flat roofs. Recently, some houses with bricks and iron beams have been built in this region.

In Sistan and Baluchistan the houses are quadrangular with dome-shaped roofs. There are some simple reticular structures in the roofs for ventilation.

These manifold, different, and worthy styles of architecture which manifest themselves in the construction of houses and other buildings in different parts of the country, attract so many foreign tourists who are fascinated to them. Also, domestic tourists get acquaintance with the extent, greatness, and cultural wealth of their homeland.

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