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Azarbaijan, Zanjan, and Qazvin

Azarbaijan, Zanjan, and Qazvin


The historical and ancient land of Azarbaijan is the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations of Iran plateau. Azarbaijan, has several tourist attractions, not only for its natural, geographical and mountainous features (Sahand and Sabalan mountains), but for having famous valuable thermal springs and rich mineral water springs like Sar'ain, Bostan-Abad, Ghotursoo, and especially shores of Orumyeh lake. Sar'ain thermal springs, one of the most important water therapy centers of Iran, is located 20 km. far from Ardebil, the capital city of Ardebil province. The water of these thermal springs, with sulfuric and other mineral compounds, is amongst the first treatments have been discovered by mankind for his illnesses.

Orumyeh Lake, with its wonderful and famous islands like Ghoyoon-Daghi (Kaboodan), Arezoo, Ashk-Daghi and Espir, having beautiful natural views as well as its water and sludge therapy virtues, is amongst the tourism attractions of Azarbaijan. The cities like Golmankhaneh, Sefid-Gonbad, and Rahmanloo, located on the coasts of Orumyeh Lake, are equipped with anchorage and accommodation facilities as well.

The cities of Azarbaijan including Tabriz, Orumyeh, Ardebil, Maragheh, Khoy, Marand, and Mahabad hold several worth-seeing historical sites. The most important historical sites of Azarbaijan are: Kabood mosque, Jame' mosque, citadel, bazaar, and Elgholi promenade in Tabriz; Sheik Safi mausoleum and Azam mosque in Ardebil; Babak castle in Kalibar (Ahar township); Maragheh observatory and rotating tower; Pol Dokhtar and Ghaleh Dokhtar (old bridge and castle) in Myaneh; Tatavoos Church (black church) in Makoo; Shams Tabriz tower in Khoy; ancient hill and village of Hasanloo close to Naghadeh; and Takht-e-Solayman 45 km. north-east to Takab, all together are unique and very interesting from architectural point of view. The handicrafts of Azarbaijan, especially carpets, are very reputable.

In Zanjan province there are also several historical monuments like Soltanieh dome, washhouse building, Sang Ezhdeha (dragon stone), and bazaar which have considerable artistic and architectural importance.

Qazvin city, which was the capital city of Safavid in last centuries, holds interesting historical buildings and vestiges. , the refuge and base of Hasan Sabah the leader of Ismailieh movement, is located in the mountains of Qazvin province.

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