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Fars and Boirahmad

Fars and Boirahmad


The Pars land, birthplace of Achaemenian Kingdom, is located in the south of Iran. This region was the political-cultural focal point of ancient Iran and the historical monuments, which have remained there, have a high tourism value. The historical monuments of Fars province may be divided into two parts:

Pre-Islamic Monuments: The most important ones are Persepolis aggregate, Naghsh-e-Rostam, and Passargad in north of Shiraz; remained vestiges in Naghsh-e-Shapour and Azarjoo fire-temple in Darab; the ancient city of Fasa with Tal Zahak vestiges in Fasa; other monuments in Firooz-Abad, Kazeroon, Lar, Jahrom, and Mamasani which totally are amongst the most eye-catching historical places of the world.

Islamic Period Monuments: The most important monuments of this period are: The Shrine of His Holiness Ahmad Ebn Moosa, the son of 7th Imam of Siite, famous as Shah Cheragh; Atigh Jame' mosque in Shiraz which belongs to Saffarian time and was constructed in 281 AH; a series of historical buildings of Vakil from Zandian time in Shiraz which are mosque, school, citadel, post-house, museum, mourning places, and cisterns which were built by the order of Karim Khan Zand, the founder of Zandieh dynasty.

Darvazeh Ghoran (Koran Gate), the tombs of Sadi, Hafiz, and Khajoo are worth-seeing buildings in Shiraz and are annually visited by thousands of tourists.

Kohgilooyeh and Boirahmad province is located in south west of Fars province and dwelling place of Boirahmad and Mamasanni nomad tribes. This province enjoys a pleasant nature and Margoon waterfall is the most important natural attraction of this province.


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