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Hamedan, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, and Ilam


Hamedan city, the foundation of which dates back to Medes time 700 BC. Holds several worth-seeing laces. The most important of these sites are inscriptions of Gangenameh, Shir Sangi, Tomb of Ester and Mardkhay, Alavian Dome, Bu-Ali Sina (Avicenna) and Babataher tombs. There are in the suburb of Hamedan many natural eye-catching places including famous caves of Ali-Sadr, Ghaleh Joogh, and Hizadj.

One of the interesting-to-see places in Hamedan is Lalejin village. This village is the center of pottery and ceramics industry. Many pottery workshops are active in this village producing diverse earthenware vessels in different design and colors.

Kermanshah province, holding its own old cities like Kermanshah, Ghasr-e-Shirin, Paveh, Songhor, Islam-Abad, and Crend, is one of the most ancient centers of Iranian civilization. The historical monuments of Tagh-Bostan, Bisotoon, and Moaven-ol-Molk mourning place in Kermanshah; the famous Anahita temple in Kangavar; and remained historical vestiges in Ghasr-e-Shirin and Sare' Pole' Zahab are very worth seeing. In the regions of Bistoon, Tagh-e-Bostan, and Dalahoo (Rijab), there exist large calcareous springs. In Rijab (Dalahoo), the calcareous thermal spring has created some calcareous ponds on its bed, which totally have a very spectacular landscape.

urdistan mountainous land, with its cities of Sanandadj, Saghez, Bijar, Marivan, Ghorveh, and Baneh, hold many worth-seeing and memorable sites. Among these places, it can be pointed out to Jame' mosque, Sanandaj Museum, Zivieh, and Karaftoo cave close to Saghez. Kurdistan is one of the important centers of handicrafts in Iran. Its products are coarse carpet, wooden and turnery products, needlework, crocheting, and spangling clothes, which are of a high demand.

The ancient land of Illam (Elam), is a very old territory. Ilam city, with other cities of Ilam province like Mehran and Dehloran, due to historical link with the ancient land of Mesopotamia (between two rivers), hold interesting monuments, including the remains of the old cities in the valley of Dehloran city and Sarab Galan Shiran, which relate to Sassanide time.

Bahram Choobin Bridge, Shirin and Farhad Arch, Choobin mountain passes, and four arches belonging to Sassanide time are amongst important monuments of this region.

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