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 Khuzestan is a part of the historical land of Mesopotamia (between two rivers) in Iran. Due to its antiquity, this region holds several ancient historical monuments. Zigorat temple in Chogha Zanbil is a distinct monument belonging to Elamite civilization of which the foundation dates back to mid-13th century BC. In archeological excavations made in Haft Tappeh, the remains of palaces, inscriptions, and statues of Elamite time were discovered.

In Susa (Shoosh) city, in addition to existence of the Shrine of Danial Nabi (Danial, the Prophet) which is a local place of pilgrimage, visiting the ruins of ancient Shoosh city is possible. The remaining monuments in Masjed Solayman and Shooshtar belong to Achaemenian, Parthian, and Sassanide time, which have their own value.

The old water mills of Shooshtar and brick buildings in Dezfool, are the samples of ancient architectural and technical skills in these cities.

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