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Markazi, Lorestan

Markazi, Lorestan


Markazi (central) province is situated at the south of Tehran and west of Isfahan Provinces and is one of the historical regions of Iran, which its antiquity dates back to Seleucidian era. The historical cities of Saveh, Mahallat and Nimevar, Tafresh, Ashtian and... are amongst historical regions of this province which hold a lot of historical monuments. Amongst the most important worth-seeing places of this province it can be pointed out to Arak caves, underground city of Dorfabad in Farahan, thermal springs, remains of Khorkheh Seleucidian temple, Dodehak caravansary, Imamzadeh Yahya in Mahallat, historical regions and caravansaries of Saveh Township, Delijan cave, birthplace and father-house of Imam Khomaini in Khomain, and several other Imamzadehs and pilgrimage places that each of them portrays a part of the history of this region.

Lorestan province in the west of Iran, is a mountainous land where the main beautifull heights of Zagross mountain range are extended from north-west southward in a regular and condensed form. This province is amongst historical regions of Iran and holds plenty of old monuments. According to Babylonian, Elamite, and Assyrian inscriptions, residents of Zagross mountains have been the tribes like Loloi, Manai, Kasi, Gooti, Amada, and Parswa.

Lorestan province is one of the interesting and spectacular regions of Iran from environmental and natural attraction points of view. Snow-clad heights, valleys, beautiful rivers and lakes, springs, waterfalls, luxuriant plains and... are amongst tourism attractions of this region. Amongst the most important eye-catching places of Lorestan province are: Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, Qiu lake, Taf and Afrineh waterfalls, wetlands, several historical caves, inscriptions of 6th century AH and Safavid time, and Changai wetland in Khoram-Abad township; Oshtorankooh pleasant mountains in Boroojerd township; Ab-Sefid waterfall in Aligoudarz township; beautiful valleys, castles, and caves in Koohdasht township; and Gahar lake and waterfall of Dorood township.

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