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Persian Gulf Diving


Destination: Tehran  -  Qeshm Island -   Hengam Island – Kish Island - Tehran

Duration: 10 Days

Type: Eco tour



Day 1: Tehran

After arriving in TEHRAN you are transferred to hotel. Having rested in hotel, we take a half day city tour of Tehran. The Archeological Section of National Museum is the first place we visit. In this museum we review the history of Iran from the start to the Islamic Era. Then, we have Abgineh Museum (Glass and Ceramics Museum) displaying plates and dishes from various historical periods. We stay the night in Tehran.

Day 2: Flight to Qeshm

In the morning, we fly to QESHM, an Island in Persian Gulf, South of Iran. After hotel check-in we pay a visit to nearby village and have some delicious local seafood.

Day 3: Sailing to Hengam Island

In the morning, we leave Qeshm towards the Islands of LARAK and HENGAM. Larak is one of the major oil export points in Iran offering great scuba diving opportunity. Then, we sail to Hengam Island.

Day 4: Hengam – Qeshm Island

In Hengam Island we enjoy various activities. First is scuba diving. Then, we visit coral belts and finally go on an exploration to find, and if we are lucky, see the lovely dolphins of Persian Gulf. Then, we return to the Qeshm Island.

Day 5: Qeshm

The dazzling Qeshm, the only geo-park in Iran, enjoys numerous geo-sites. We first visit Chahkouh Valley where million years of erosion have created spectacular views, particularly the cavities. Stars Valley is the second site and a must-see in Qeshm. This area was carved out by wind and rain approximately 2 million years ago. In places, the valley is 15m below the surface of the plateau it has eroded from and is adorned with oddly shaped arches, columns and passageways. Its name seems to be derived from the legend that the valley was formed from falling stars. The salt caves are the last place we plan to see.

Day 6: Flight to Kish Island

In the morning we fly to KISH ISLAND, a resort and a major hub for Iranians who either seek recreation and some relaxation or wish to flee from the harsh winter in the more northern parts of the country.

Day 7: Kish

In the morning, we go scuba diving in Dariush Diving Center. Next, we visit the highlights of Kish Island including Dolphin Parks; its massive underground city covering an area of 10,000 square meters, constructed from ancient underground aqueduct, called Kariz. Shops and restaurants, traditional teahouses, amphitheaters, conference centers, art galleries along with natural beauties of the underground corridors and spaces mesmerize every viewer; and the Greek Ship, a huge ship stranded deep in sea for nearly a half century.

Day 8: Sailing to Hendurabi Island – Return to Kish Island

In the morning, we get on a boat to go to a smaller island, HENDURABI, to have more diving. Then, we return to Kish Island to enjoy its shopping malls.

Day 9: Flight back to Tehran

In the morning, we fly back where we started, Tehran. Arriving in Tehran, we visit the north of city and its highlights, Niavaran and Sa’dabad palaces. These palaces were previously owned by Pahlavidg family, the last dynasty ruling over Iran. They have now been nationalized and their numerous buildings have been turned into museums.

Day 10: Flight back home

Fly back home.

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