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Bonab is located on the east side of Lake Urmia. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 125,209, in 31,921 families. The county has one district: the Central District. The county has one city: Bonab. The language of people in Bonab city is Turkish language. Bonab, Binov, or truly Binev is Turkish name with two word "Bin + ev" Bin = 1000, ev=home. Thus Binev meaning is "1000 home" in Turkish language.

Wooden mosques of the south region of Azerbaijan have specific characteristics. These mosques have wooden structures, delicate and very beautiful decoration. Their plans are rectangular, toward Qable (east – west longitude). The ceiling and pillars of Shabestan have been made of wood. The method of covering, wooden structure, and ornaments are considerable.

Belonging to Safavid period, these mosques were the origin of Esfahan School in 17th Century. The local materials are wood, stone, brick, and adobe. Pillars and beams were made of poplar, species of willow, and aspen. Although wood was rare in the region and structure of the buildings were arch and dome, wooden construction became popular and common for the aesthetic characters and beginning of new style in Safavid period (17thCentury).

As mentioned above, wooden pillars and columns were used in Shabestan and walls. All pillars play the role of the structure and the ornaments are the parts of the construction. Pillars were constructed in 3 parts: base, wooden body, and capital in different forms. The main beams, pillars, sub beams, all, were made of wood and joints had special characteristics which add to the resistance of the building.

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