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Kaleybar County is a county in East Azarbaijan Province in Iran. In addition to the capital city, the county is noted for the Arasbaran forests protected area and the Bazz Galasi, the fortress of Babak Khorramdin. In recent year the city has become a tourist destination thanks to its proximity to Babak Castle and may help to Tabriz 2018 event and accordingly Tabriz tours. The castle and its beside Arasbaran forests are potentials for the Iran tours too.

Ashugh music 
The mountainous region of Qaradağ, due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, was a guardian of Ashugh music. This frequent allusions of this music to mountains, with the intention of arousing an emotional state with a tone of mild melancholy, is consistent with the geography of Kaleybar.
Potential for Tourism
Bābak Fort or Babak also known as the Immortal Castle or Republic Castle, is a large citadel and National Symbol of Iranians on the top of a mountain in the Arasbaran forests, which is located 6 km southwest of Kalibar City in northwestern Iran. It has been identified as the stronghold of Bābak Khorramdin, the leader of the Khurramites in Azerbaijan who fought the Islamic caliphate of Abbassids. Iranian Azerbaijanis gather at Babak Castle during the first weekend in July for the annual commemoration of Babak Khorramdin.
summer camp of Arasbaran Tribes : The mountain ranges south-west of Kaleybar are still used as summer camp of pastoralists belonging to Arasbaran Tribes. This provides an opportunity for observing the relaxed idyllic life style of bygone times. Pastoralists, despite their simple life style during summer months, are often well-educated folks and own modern dwelling in their winter quarters. They, generally, welcome visitors as long as their cultures and mode of life is not ridiculed. The visit should me made on sunny days when the shepherd dogs feel lethargic. During foggy days and between dusk and down dogs regain their vicious character; strangers have to avoid crossing campsite otherwise the attacking dogs cannot be controlled even by their owners. Fending off the dogs by beating is considered an act of aggression towards the owner and should be avoided.

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