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Shah-goli (El-goli) is the name of a large park in Tabriz, Iran. Early history of the Shah-goli is not clear. However, it seems that it was used as a water resource for agricultural purposes, however nowadays it is one of the must-see sites in Tabriz (Read more: 8 top attractions in Tabriz)

Later, it was used as a summer palace during the Qajar dynasty (when Tabriz was the official residence of Prince of Iran). It contains a palace that is surrounded by a great square water pool almost 12 meters deep. After the Iranian Revolution of 1979 as normal process for that period for removing Shah name from everywhere the name of Shah-goli was changed to El-goli in official documents in but the name in common use continues to be Shah-goli.

There is also a building in the middle of the lake, with traditional architecture of Iranian Azerbaijan. In southof the lake there is a hill covered by trees. Two beautiful stairways connecting the side walks to the top of the hill. At the of the hill there is a building with modern architecture (Hotel Pars building). There is also a funfair next to the park. However, after selection of Tabriz to the tourism capital of Islamic countries, in the different corners of park there are stands and logo of Tabriz 2018.

Due to the near hotels to this grand park, Hotel Pars (5 Stars) and Hotel Shahriar another 5 stars, this park is always main site of Iran tours and Tabriz tours for tourists living around. 

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