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3 S in Chamkhaleh

If you are in Iran and are fond of European beaches, we recommend you Chamkhaleh Beach.



Chamkhaleh is in Gilan province of Iran and the beach and its beautiful nature attracts tourists to this city. The beaches are good places to spend happy times. If you are in Iran and are fond of European beaches, we recommend you Chamkhaleh Beach, the most beautiful tourist beach of Gilan which is very popular among tourists. The beautiful beach is also ideal for swimming.

You also have other options in your travel package for fun and happiness. Every traveler can enjoy a bit of sightseeing, from the beautiful nature of the various farms stretching along the coast to the Mountain View. Keep the pits in mind a paradise where you can see the peace of the sea at the same time with the shoulders of the mountains.

277 yearsago, when Nader Shah Afshar was in power, people from Kermanshah sought refuge in a pleasant and swampy area where no one lived.  This area was called Chamkhaleh.

After the city of Anzali, the second tourist hub and beach active in Gilan province is the city of Chaf and Chamkhaleh, which has always been used by tourists.  Most of the hospitable people in this area are engaged in fishing and hunting, the most famous of which is rice and watermelon.

The city's best attractions are the sandy beach and the great Chamkhale River. The depth of the river can reach up to 3 meters in some places. Not long ago, the river served as a crossing point for Russian and Iranian ships. Other tourist attractions in Chamkhale include beautiful wetland with various birds and quiet and pristine beaches.

Next to the beautiful beach of Langrood there is the beautiful nature of "Leila_Kooh" and the palm-tree forest logic that, with its unique beauty, can provide an exemplary experience for tourists.

Now, the city of Chaf and Chamalleh has five hotels and several residences and is a welcoming place that welcomes many travelers each year.


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