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An island whose soil is Edible

we want to take you to a place where it can be eaten without happening to you.



Edible soil! Yes you heard right we want to take you to a place where it can be eaten without happening to you

of course, if you travel to Hormuz Island.  The edible soil of Hormuz belongs to the edible mountain on the island of Hormuz.

Edible soil of Hormuz belongs to the edible mountain of Hormuz Island and we have little to say about the wonders of the island!  Hormuz Island is called by different names, Rainbow Island, Edible Island, etc.

Travel to the south of Iran, along the Qeshm sea route to Hormuz, you can see interesting colored mountains. Hormuz has some interesting colorful wonders, and you can touch those colored soils by traveling.  Yellow, white, brown, red, gray, etc. But one of the mountains of Hormuz can not only touch with your hands but also enjoy and enjoy your meal!  Edible soil of Hormuz

One type of soil on the island of Hormuz is widely used by locals to cook food is called Gelak. The people of Hormuz use this soil as a spice to color their food. The Gelak belongs to a red mountain that locals call it a Gelak..

Hormuz Island women use the spice of this colorful spice to prepare southern fish, exciting pickles, delicious jams and local breads.

This mountain is about 3 meters south of Hormuz and its soil plays an important role in Hormuz's food culture.  We suggest you try the food once in your trip to Hormuz once it has been mixed with this soil.  It is interesting to know that the islanders can make a sauce with this red soil.

They first purify this edible soil of Hormuz and mix it with water. After the solution is deposited, combine the residual reddish water with a little salt and eventually form a red sauce. The salt used in this sauce comes from the same salt mountains in Qeshm.

Locals pour fresh Southern fish with orange peel and sauce into one pan and let it soak for 6 months under direct sunlight to make it a "Suragh", one of the island's most delicious and popular dishes.  Hormuz residents also use edible red soil to cook jumbo shrimp, lentils, boiled beans, etc., as they taste and smell good.

The photography subjects found here cannot be found elsewhere

Here is an island full of colors and with creativity you can take some cool photos of your trip.

Many tourists travel to the island to see the colorful attractions.

Because of its rich color diversity, Hormuz is known by geologists to the Geological Paradise, an island full of colored mountains and salt mines.  The color diversity of Hormoz soils is so high that it is rarely found anywhere in the world.

Hormuz colored soils that contain volcanic compounds and iron oxides are also used in non-food uses, and are used in various industries such as painting, ceramics, tile, etc.  The colors of these soils are so clear and pure that they work well for these industries.

We recommend you autumn and winter to Hormuz Island, which is the best time to visit the southern islands of Iran.  It is a good idea to travel around the island on a bike ride.  Traveling to every corner of the island, you will find a new wonder, caves and stone structures with strange shapes, the reddish shores of the Persian Gulf always blending in, the rocks and minerals  Strange and .. can make your trip here fun.

What Attractions to Visit in Hormuz?

Traveling to Hormuz we offer their famous attractions, the historic Portuguese fortress, the BiBigol  , the Ahmad Nadalian Museum of Art and Culture, the colorful carpets of  soil, the Silent Cave, BiBigol Castel,  dear plains.  Visit the Rankin_Kaman (rainbow) Valley, the turtle's oviposition and the lush beach.

How to get to Hormuz Island?

The island of Hormuz is geographically eight kilometers from Bandar Abbas and is about half an hour to Bandar Abbas.  If you want to go from Qeshm to the island you will be about half an hour on the high speed boats.


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