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Boutique Hotels of Iran

Boutique Hotels are renowned for their particular artistic and architectural style.



The boutique hotels are called to those hotels that are renowned for their particular artistic and architectural style. They are usually smaller than the Grands, and luxury is not their primary purpose of the visit.

Boutique hotel features:  

1. The size of the boutique hotel;

The big difference between a boutique hotel and regular hotel is their size. The hotel has rooms ranging from at least 10 to 100 rooms.

The small scale of boutique hotels creates a cozy atmosphere as if you were a guest in a private home. Some of these hotels also have a special room for chat and conversation with hotel travelers.

2. Private boutique hotel space;

The boutique rooms of the hotels are distinct and are not as close to each other as ordinary hotels. These rooms are sometimes even built independently and in a separate space to create very private a space similar to the passenger's own home.

3. Design of boutique hotel;

Generally, one of the prominent features of the boutique hotel is its unique architecture. The architecture and interior design of the boutique hotel are unique and the quality of service is always excellent. Some of these hotels are a blend of historic details, with a modern and stylish elegance. Elements of contemporary art gallery and even a mix of artwork are often visible in their decoration and interior design.

4. Services at the boutique hotel;

Other feature of boutique hotels is their very personal and special services. Employees remember the name of the passenger from day one and are always available and ready to service. These special art hotels offer very luxurious possibilities.

In the world you could find different famous boutique hotels such as Ice Hotel in Sweden, Giraffe Manor Hotel in Kenya, Conrad Hilton in Maldives, and Million Star Bubble Hotel in Iceland


Abbasid Hotel - Iran

Abbasid is a historic and luxurious hotel that used to be an inn. The mentioned hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the world as well as one of the largest hotels in Iran. The unique architecture of Abbasid Hotel is from Isfahan style. The hotel is inspired by the architecture of the Safavid era. Hotel Abbasid has been named the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East in 2017.   

The Abbasid hotel architecture is in the way that you are invited to a historic travel when you enter it. This hotel is actually a museum that has become a historic hotel. The hotel was built in 1106 AH (1684 AD) by order of Sultan Hussein Safavid. At Abbasid hotel there are traditional restaurant, traditional teahouse and cafeteria with a pleasant music, along with special architecture that multiply the enjoyment of dining in the atmosphere.

Garden restaurant Abbasid hotel is the most beautiful restaurant in Iran and also Abbasid Hotel is the most beautiful hotel in Isfahan which is also a museum.

Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel - Iran

The Laleh Kandovan rocky hotel is third rocky hotel in the world and is located in the center of the historic village of Kandovan, 62 kilometers from Tabriz whose unique architecture has attracted tourists.

The village dates back to the Mongol era, and the rise of these Rocky Mountains nearly 7000 years ago. The rocky nature of this hotel makes Laleh Kandovan hotel special. When you walking in Kandovan village, you will imagine it is dreamy story like Harry Potters. 

The climate of Kandovan village, where this 5-star Laleh Kandovan hotel is located, is mountainous and breezy so there is no need for cooling in summer and the colder seasons of the year, the rooms are warmed by the floor. The Laleh Kandovan hotel 700-year-old rocky and stone houses and a unique landscape, encouraging tourist to travel to this chilly climate in one of most beautiful and oldest mountains in the world.

One of the Features of this hotel is a Jacuzzi room that makes for a pleasant and café also provide guests with a variety of fresh and tasty snacks and drinks. Facilities at this rocky hotel include free internet, shop, laundry, parking, room service, central video and beautiful outdoor pavilions.  

Toranj Hotel – Kish – Iran

Toranj hotel is one of the best sea hotels in Middle East. All the rooms have been built on top of the sea level. They have glasses floor and private balcony.

All rooms are interconnected by a wooden corridor that eventually creates a nice and unique jetty on the Persian Gulf's waters. Airport's transfer will be by Chevrolet car and it is free. You will have some drink and snack before of reception in Toranj hotel. Then you will be taken by electronic cars.

You can to experience beautiful and comfortable view of sunset, watching of amazing fish, coral, wonderful sea animals and nice beech is very attractive for tourist. This nice view of sunset will be very dreamy and unique for everyone.

Services of this hotel are room services, conference salon, ridding bike, beach Volleyball ground, photo shoot studio, laundry, Billiard salon, massage salon, Yoga, gym, tennis court, suntan, playground for kids and adult, spa salon, open and roofed restaurant. As well as, there is a wonderful pool in roof of this hotel that staying in that will be an unforgettable experience for you.

The architectures have tried to make the hotel environmentally friendly. The hotel has two artificial islands created to attract migratory birds and preserve the natural ecosystem of the complex.

A lot of research has been done on the island of Kish to select the right area to build this maritime hotel.  The northwest area is the reason for choice due to the uniform sea level offshore of about 1000 meters in the sea, making this area not subject to severe storm.

The good geographical location and unique construction of the complex made the view very beautiful including sunrise and sunset, amazing view of sea, fish dances, turtles, and corals, the beach and etc.

Even if you have visited of Kish many times, be sure, that staying at Toranj hotel will have a unique and unforgettable experience for you.

Moshir Ol-Mamalek Hotel

Four-star Moshir Ol-Mamalek hotel in the Qajar era with traditional architecture, located on the old edge in northwest area of the historic city of Yazd.

 The garden was built at the end of the Qajar period by the late "Miraz Fathullah Moshir ol-Mamalek, under the rule of Mozaffar el-Din Shah, and was purchased by a private company in late 2000 and with the help of Yazd Cultural Heritage Organization. It was converted into a hotel and in 2003 it was used as an Iranian Garden hotel with traditional equipment. The Moshir Ol-Mamalek Garden Hotel is also listed in the National Iranian list of work.

Featuring a traditional layout, this hotel equipped with all the latest amenities and equipment in the world.

Tourist attractions include beautiful landscaped garden, beautiful fountains ancient trees and shrubs, ponds, flowing, streams, two red and blue African parrots and authentic Iranian architecture. Other amenities include proximity to the city's tourist attractions such as Amir-Chakhmag square, water museum, Dolatabad garden, khan's Bazar, easy access to all part of the city, parking, traditional rooms and suites with balconies with beautiful view Garden, a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, high-speed, internet, taxi services, bank passers and experienced staff, and guests.

You feel Qajar period in this hotel because the decoration and the staff are from the Qajar era. As well as two red and blue African parrots say "Hello, welcome" in different language, when guests come to hotel.


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