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Delicious like Iranian Local Food

Iran has one of the richest menus in the world with 2500 types of traditional food.



The Importance of Food doubles when we know Will Durant writes in his History of Civilization: The question of human food and its preparation forms the basis of civilization, the Cathedral and the Temple, the Museum of Art and Music Hall, the Library and the University, are all works of civilization, One has to have an eye and see the back of the 'Cook' look.

Iran has one of the richest menus in the world with 2500 types of traditional food. And of course, it attracts food tourists and is interested in experimenting with new foods.

The immense variety of food in Iran, which is based on the natural, climatic and cultural characteristics of each region, has created great potential for attracting food tourists.

Kofta In Tabriz

Different types of Koofta are made in different parts of Iran, all of which are delicious, but none have the reputation of  Tabriz's Koofta.  This Koofta is a unique taste of Iranian cuisine in Tabriz and many foreign tourists liked that. Tabrizi Koofta is a large round meatball made from a mixture of cotyledon, rice, meat and various aromatic spices and vegetables.

They put the boiled egg, plum, barberry and walnut inside the dumplings and then cook it in a delicious sauce.  The delicious taste of Tabriz's Koofta along with vegetables, sangak, pickles and yogurt, is a delicious Iranian lunch.

Mirza-Qasemi In Guilan

One of Iran's most popular local dishes is Mirz-Qasemi, which tempts you the scent of grilled eggplant. Mirza-Qasemi is one of the traditional cuisine of Guilan province, but because of its popularity, it is now available in other cities as well. This food is vegetarian and is prepared using grilled eggplant, tomatoes, large quantities of fresh garlic, salt and pepper and so on. Like many Guilan dishes, the egg is eventually put on a tray or cooked separately and placed next to the food. Mirza-Qasemi is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes.


This food is prepared in the southern parts of iran especially in Khuzestan province Ahavaz. Ghalyeh-Mahi is often made with fish, but shrimp can also be used occasionally.  The fish mixed with aromatic vegetables such as fenugreek, coriander, garlic, and tamarindus, and are served with fresh rice.  It is enough for a foreign traveler to try Ghalyeh- Ghalyeh-Mahi in Khuzestan.This food is prepared in the southern parts of Iran, especially in Khuzestan mahi to fall in love with its unique taste.

Shishlik in Mashhad

Lamb meat should be used to make shishlik, which is fresh.They are then flavored with onion and pepper and allowed to stand for 24 hours until the meat is tender.  Then barbecue the roast on the charcoal.  After cooking on charcoal, apply it to the butter.  And this dish, along with its lemon, is ready to eat.  The best and healthiest drink along with the kebab is Dough.

Aash Sholi in Yazd

One of the local Iranian cuisine of Aash Sholi which is made in Yazd.  The people of Yazd love this dish and recommend it to any traveler traveling to Yazd.  This soup is very simple, yet delicious and is completely vegetarian.  The herbal specialties of spinach, spinach, parsley, fenugreek, dill, etc. are combined with beet, onion, lentils and spices and vinegar to make this delicious soup.


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