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Desert Trekking in Cold Seasons

Situated in the desert of Iran, far away from the busy cities, Mesr Desert is an attractive destination for hiking in Iran.  Many people are waiting for the cool weather to cool down and desert the Mesr desert.


Why Travel to the Mesr Desert?

The Mesr Desert is one of the most spectacular Iranian deserts that attract many tourists. The desert has good recreational facilities including safari, motorbikes and camels that provide a different experience for you

Introduction to the Desert

The Mesr desert is 55 kilometers from the city of Khor of Isfahan province and is located next to the village. To reach the desert and the sand dunes you have to pass through this village and past the old houses.  Moving away from the village, you will find a dusty area covered with flowing sands.

 Mesr desert fun

Hiking and climbing hills to watch the landscape you need good energy and power to walk the desert, especially the sand dunes.  Walking may seem like an easy task, but as you walk in the desert sand the pressure on your knees and feet increases tremendously as you lean backwards.  Not bad to know that the energy required for a kilometer walk on sand equals the energy required for three kilometers of normal terrain.

Best trip to the Mesr desert

The Mesr village along with its desert has a warm and dry climate.  In hot seasons, the climate is warm and temperate in the cold seasons.  Desert days are hot and sunny, but at night with cooler temperatures, cooler temperatures dominate the area.

Road to  Desert

Address: Isfahan province, Khor and Biabank city, Jandagh village, Mesr village

To reach the Mesr countryside and visit the Mesr desert, you must go to the Khor and desert in Isfahan province and from there continue your way to Jandaq and the village of Farahzad.  You can go from Isfahan to Nain and then to Jandagh village and eventually to Mesr.

Highlights of the trip to the desert

Before traveling, pack the necessary equipment such as sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, hiking boots, slippers, personal hygiene supplies, warm clothing, a blanket, a tea flask, a water bottle, and so on.  Get ready to travel to the desert.

If you are going to tent and rest in the tent, be sure to have a bed linen, travel blanket and sleeping bag, but if you want to stay inside the hotel, clean and tidy bedding is provided.

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