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Dizin Resort, full of Snow

Dizin is the most important ski resort of Iran and the Middle East region located in the city of Karaj.



Dizin is the most important ski resort of Iran and the Middle East region located in the city of Karaj.

Dizin Ski Resort is the first ski resort in Iran to be recognized by the World Ski Federation for official competitions and has won an international title.

Dizin resort is 74 km from the city of Karaj.  It is also 123 km from Tehran to Chalus road.  Chalus road is very straightforward; we have to enter the Velayatroud entrance after Gachsar to reach Dizin.  If we don't get in the traffic, we'll be on the road for two and a half hours.

There are many ski resorts in Iran, but Dizin is the best ski resort.  Although the ski resort was established in the 1960, it still endorses the World Federation of Standards.

Tehran's Dizin Ski resort has 23 resorts, and one of the good things is that professional resorts are separated from beginners, because the slope of these resorts are very dangerous for beginners.

There is also a grass resort that is suitable for summer so that no one is idle on warm days of the year.  This track is located northwest of the Office of Management and south of the Lawn Restaurant, where special events are held each year at 650 meters.  Snowpark and Yu resort are also on top of the lawn restaurant.

At the same time as the group national championships begin, they come to Dizin to watch snowboarding or lawn racing, and many onlookers fall in love with skiing once in a while.  That's why they've built a ski school here.  This school teaches both snowboarding and alpine.  Snowboarding only needs one board, but Alpine, the same ski with two stickers and two boards, is more expensive than snowboarding.

The good thing about Dizin is that we don't all have to spend all our time in the snow.  The tennis court near the Dizin Tourism Hotel has increased the fun here.  You can also practice mountain biking, kite riding, paragliding and archery.  Some also come to Dizin for mountaineering.

When will we go to Iran's Dizin  resort?

 It opens here from early December and can be skied until May.  So instead of stopping for winter fun we can prepare ourselves for a happier cold season.


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