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Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is the most famous palace of Iran.

Golestan Palace Intro Construction began on the site from the time of King Abbas of the Safavid dynasty, and was under construction until the time of Qajar and Nasser al-Din Shah, who made many changes to it under the influence of his European travels.  It has historically witnessed very important events such as the Constitutional Revolution and the Pahlavi First and Second Coronations.  There are also beautiful artworks such as the Marble Throne, the tombstone of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, who moved from Shahrari to the palace, and works by Kamal al-Molk and other Iranian and foreign artists.  Beauty attractions such as Shams ol-Emareh, Mirror Hall and Emarat-e-Badgir (Building of windcatchers) are also of great interest to tourists.

Golestan Palace is more than 440 years old.  The palace was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 2, at the 34th annual meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In the exterior and between the two towers, there is a clock that is said to have been the first hour to enter Iran.

The main entrance to the Shams-ol-Emareh mansion is on the west side of the Golestan Palace, which is built next to the citadel wall.

Golestan Palace Buildings;

  1. Takht e Marmara (Marble Throne)
  2. Pond Houses (How Khaneh(
  3. Karim Khani Nook (Khalvat e Karim Khani(
  4. Brilliant Hall (Talar e Brelian(
  5. Containers Hall (Talar e Zoruf(
  6. Ivory Hall (Talar e Adj(
  7. Mirror Hall (Talar e Aineh(
  8. Salam Hall (Talar e Salam(
  9. Dimond Hall (Talar e Almas(
  10. Buildings of Windcatchers ( Emarat e Badger(
  11. Edifice of Sun (Shams ol-Emareh Emareh(
  12. Museum of Gifs
  13. Abyaz Palace
  14. Museum Hall


Historical events in this palace:

 ●Coronation of the Qajar kings including Ahmad Shah on the Marble Throne

 ●Coronation of Mozaffar ol-Din Shah Qajar in the Windmill Mansion

 ●Opening of the 1st Majlis atع Sha'ban ۱۳۲۴ AH (1902 AD) with the presence of the King in the Chamber of the Golestan Mansion

 ●Establishment of the Constituent Assembly at Azar 1304 AH (1882 AD)

 ●Reza Shah's first front in 1304 AH (1882 AD)on the marble bed;

 ●Reza Shah's coronation on May 5 (1883)Salam's hall;

 ●Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's coronation in Hall

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