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Iran on Silk Road

The Silk Road has a long history and has played an important role in Iran history.


The "Silk Road" was the name of the caravan trade routes that existed from the second century BC and were the crossroads of merchants and merchants west and east.  This road, which joined the Chinese Empire to the Roman Empire, had many bypasses, with a length of between 6400 and 10,000 kilometers, equivalent to a quarter of the Earth's length, depending on the route chosen.

Name of "Silk Way":

The first to name these Silk Roads in the 1877 was German geographer Ferdinand Richthofen.  He chose the name because of the Chinese silk carriage this way to the Mediterranean and other regions.

From this road, it was not only silk and other products of the countries exported by the road, but also what culture, thought, and art included that was exchanged between Iran, China, and India.

The famous Italian tourist Marcopoulos, who lived from 1254 to 1324 AD, traveled along these routes and described them well in his journey.

Rebuilding the Silk Road Ancient monuments left over from this road can be very appealing to the tourist.  Another important point is that Iran is the only country where the Silk Road and the sea have collided across the Persian Gulf.

After the 9th century, as the political and economic restructuring of the continent of Europe and Asia, in particular the development of seafaring techniques, maritime transport became increasingly important in commerce.  The Silk Road The traditional land road was gradually declining.  During the 10th century China's Sun dynasty, the Silk Road was used as a very small trade route.

The Silk Road has a long history and has played an important role in the development of world civilization.  In recent years, the UNESCO Organization for the Study of the New Silk Road has called this road a "Road of Dialogue" to promote dialogue between East and West countries.

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