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Largest Salt Cave in Qeshm

Salt cave of Qeshm is the largest salt cave in the world which is very exciting to see.


In the cold days of the year, traveling to Qeshm is the best decision.  The island has many sights and sightseeing makes us very happy.  Like the salt cave of Qeshm which is the largest salt cave in the world and it is very exciting to see.

This cave is located in the heart of Qeshm salt mountain.  Salt Mountain, itself one of the seven wonders of the Persian Gulf, has several other caves.  But the most famous and longest cave is the salt cave.  The Salt Mountain is 340 meters high and comes with an island roof.

Why should we see the salt cave in Qeshm?

It is the longest salt cave in the world, recorded in the National Natural Heritage Site and is more than 6 kilometers long.  Salt Lake Cave is part of Qeshm Geopark and is of great natural value.

We can walk around the cave for about half an hour, but if we want to go further, we need cave equipment and guides.  During this half hour we have very beautiful scenes.

The cave we see is 500 million years old, and is known to be pre-Cambrian (one of the oldest geological periods) by experts.  The multi-colored salt layers in the cave are each tens of thousands of years old, so it's best not to touch any of the salt candles and not want to take a piece of it for ourselves.

We don't see ordinary salt.  These salts are curative. Breathing in the cave air relieves allergy and asthma.

It is like an exhibition of paintings made of salt.

As we walk through the cave, we see glass crystals all made of salt below.  We may also see at the bottom of the Blue Atmospheric Cave a large amount of salt.  The salt water inside the cave acts like a mirror in some places, showing us the beauty of the cave twice.

Best travel season

From autumn until the end of April is the perfect season to travel to Qeshm.  The air is mild and pleasant, and the heat of the sun doesn't bother us.  Qeshm winter has a nice coolness and does not make us tired.


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