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Longest Suspension Bridge in Middle East

Think of a lush valley that surprises you with its splendor and a bridge of glass that lets you see everything that goes under your feet.


When it comes to travel and sightseeing, everyone has different tastes depending on their tastes and thoughts;  Children prefer amusement parks and some are looking for restaurants and cafes.  In the meantime, there are people who prefer exciting destinations and want their patience to be different.  If you belong to this category, be sure to join us to get to know one of Iran's most exciting destinations.

We want to embark on a different journey and head northwest to Iran, where it has the longest suspension bridge in the Middle East and is set to create exciting moments for us.  Think of a lush valley that surprises you with its splendor and a bridge of glass that lets you see everything that goes under your feet.

Hurry up and close your bags to go to the suspended bridge in Ardebil.

Why Visit the Suspended Bridge?

1. Meshgin-Shahr Bridge is one of the tallest suspension bridges in the Middle East.

2.Part of the bridge is a glass bridge that doubles the excitement of the crossing.

3. There are other exciting activities around the bridge as well, such as the zip line.

4. The amenities and location of the bridge in a forest park are another reason for the popularity of this tourist attraction.

Meet the Suspended Bridge of Meshgin Shahr |  The first suspension bridge in Iran

What awaits us in a corner of the beautiful nature of Ardebil city is the suspended bridge that is located on the river Khyavachai and on the forest park of Meshgin-Shahr.  Crossing this bridge can become the most unforgettable excitement of your life.  This bridge is 2 meters wide and, according to the number of days of the year, it is 365 meters long and is known as the longest suspension bridge in the Middle East.  Its height of 80 meters has made it a thrilling passage to attract fans of many ages.

Suspended Bridge Meshgin-Shahr is the first suspended bridge in Iran and the idea was developed by Engineer Ganjali Beig.  He designed this bridge with the stunning beauty of the lush valley of the area and inspired by the Vancouver Canal Bridge of Canada.


You will have thrilling and exciting moments on this bridge and around because there are a variety of attractions here.

1. The peak of excitement in crossing the glass bridge:

The bridge's height of 80 meters is enough to deter many from stepping on it, but if you want to go and trust this structure you can find yourself in a lush valley with a river flowing through it.  Here you can enjoy the sights surrounding Sabalan's majestic stature and capture memorable images in your mind.

The peak of excitement crossing this bridge is when it reaches its glass part.  Now you can take a walk and be amazed at the stunning view below your feet.  Here's the thrill of the bridge so you can enjoy it.

2. Watching the Khiyachai River over the bridge

 Khyavchai is a river name in the Meshgin-Shahr city and one of the major tributaries of the Ghara_Sou River.  The suspended bridge of Meshgin-Shahr lies over the river and passes through the valley through which it flows.  The Khiyavchai River originates from the heights of Hezarmikh and joins the Ghara Sou after crossing the Moyil Valley.  This river is the most important red trout habitat in Ardabil province and is of great importance.

The excitement of Meshgin-Shahr Bridge is not just about passing it through the glass part of the bridge.  Just across the bridge, the exciting zip line entertainment provides visitors with more fun.

3. Zip line of suspendded bridje

Zip Line is a thrilling entertainment that has many fans today, especially among  young people.  Recreation is referred to as a new sport that originates in transportation in some of the mountains of Central and South America.  In these areas, people used a cable to hang from one mountain or large hill to another.Now you can also experience the excitement along the Suspended Bridge in the city and pass through a deep valley.  Once you have reached the end of the road, you can cross the bridge again to the starting point and hit two marks with a arrow.

4. Khiyaw Tourism Complex, an opportunity for more fun

Suspended Bridge in Mashginshahr is located in Khiyawat Tourism Area, which is referred to as the largest tourism project in Ardabil province.  The complex offers a variety of amenities including: reception halls, accommodation suites, air sports, horse and cycling, rotating restaurants and handicraft markets, amusement and other leisure facilities.

Leisure Information Collection:

 ●Paragliding: Available on  Thursdays and Fridays and costs vary depending on the sector.

Balloon Ride Site: Still Off


Horses and camels riding

Riding bike

5. Meshginshahr Forest Park

 Located on Meshginshahr Forest Park, this exciting suspension bridge is part of the park.  The 3000-hectare park is located on the west bank of the Khyavachai River, parallel to the river's upstream, and is approximately elliptical in length.  The resorts, amusement parks, skating rinks and artificial waterfalls at the entrance of the park double its beauty and attraction, and tourists are seen there most seasons of the year.  One of the amusements of the park is the sightseeing of old cars and sightseeing that attracts some tourists.

Picnic and photography

Don't forget to take a photo of yourself and your companions to capture a lasting memory of this hanging bridge to bring the most lasting memory of the trip with you.

Around the Suspended Bridge and in its tourist complex, there are plenty of spaces for a family-friendly or picnic so don't forget to create the goodies and snacks you need.

Traveling to the suspended bridge in Meshgin Shahr can easily provide accommodation.  Hotels and guesthouses and local houses are good options for you, but you can also camp and camp in tents to create a different memory.

Best travel season

You can go to the Suspended Bridge at any time, but the best time to do this is early spring to early fall.

Spring and summer: In temperate seasons, the climate is temperate and there is no evidence of severe summer heat.

Fall and Winter: Due to the mountainous climate in these two seasons, the cold weather can be annoying.


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