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Masal, Paradise of Iran

Masal is one of the beautiful towns of Gilan province, next to Talesh Mountains.


This place is one of the most popular places in Iran. The beautiful nature of the city and its lush countryside is one of the reasons that attracts the attention of the area. On the other hand, the cloudy area is a beautiful phenomenon that transforms walking on clouds into a beautiful imagination.

Masal is the land of high waterfalls, forests and high rivers. When the fog leaves, one can see the wooden huts. The weather here depends on the time of the trip, but whatever season you choose to travel in will give you cool, clean air, plus silence and away from the noise.

Walking is one of the attractions here. Walking between beech and plum trees and wooden huts can bring you back to life. If you like, you can go to the pastures.

The two rivers of the Khalkaee and the river of Mergak are important Masal rivers.The khalkaee river orginates from the peaks, that's the name is Shah-Moallem and it's high is 3150 meters.

The coastal park by the river Khalkaee is a good place to have fun.

Masal village is one of the most fascinating places in the region, as if it had an ocean of clouds. To see this landscape is very dreamy and beautiful.

The stone wall of the Masal Risseh Masal is another of the beauties of the city that is considered one of the tallest rock for climbing in the country that can host major national, regional and even world championships.

When to go to Masal?

  Masal area is located in the northern highlands of Iran. In the months of January, February and March, as well as July and August, we recommend not planning a trip to the Masal Heights, because of the severe cold and the high heat and humidity in the region. It cannot be tolerated for every passenger. But in the spring and fall seasons you can make your way to this small town, especially in May when the trees are blooming and you will love for amazing nature.

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