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Tabiat Bridge, the Modern Attraction

Tabiat bridge enables you to enjoy a unique view of the capital.

Today we want to go to the Tehran Tabiat Bridge, which with its unique structure, h for the capital.  We'll show you some photos of Tabiat bridge and tell you about the fun opportunities it has.  You will also be introduced to the designer of the Tehran Bridge of Tabiat and find out as stared many eyes all over the world and after the Milad Tower could be a new symbol who has designed the design and what it is intended for.

Why the Tabiat bridge?

This bridge enables you to enjoy a unique view of the capital. The bridge of nature is known as one of the symbols of Tehran. This bridge is not only a crossing point and it has designed to provide space and facilities for  spending hours in the heart of Tehran's metropolitan area provides a unique setting. The bridge has been a world-renowned structure and has received numerous awards and awards. The cafes and restaurants of this option  They are good places to create delicious moments and you can spend some fun time.

Introducing Tabiat Bridge a different crossing

tourists Tabiat Bridge is a three-storey bridge in the Abbas Abad area of   Tehran, which is located along the Modarres Highway and is intended for pedestrians only.  The bridge provides a link between Taleghani and Aab-o-Aatash parks, connecting the two capital parks.

The unique lighting and unique features of this bridge attracts many people to it, especially at night and bring dreamy moments to the heart of Tehran.  Built at a height of 40 meters above ground level, this 300 meter long structure allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of Tehran.  The existence of cafes and restaurants has made the Tabiat Bridge an attractive destination attracts to taste its attractive flavors.  It's not bad to know that Tabiat's Bridge is the first non-autocratic bridge in the country and the largest non-autocratic bridge in the Middle East.

The first floor with its glass walls includes spaces such as cafes - galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and more.  On this floor you can experience different surfing amongst the delicious Iranian and European delights and enjoy the 1450 m wide corner.

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