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Top Tips for Traveling to Iran (1)

Here are the top tips for traveling to Iran & things to know about Iran. So leave the hesitation away and travel to Iran.



If you wish to travel with the purpose of enjoying magnificent architecture, mystery of deserts, and delicious foods, then traveling to Iran is the best possible choice. Both cheap and hospitable people wait for you. Iran enjoys cultural and natural attractions. Here are the top tips for traveling to Iran and things to know about Iran. So leave the hesitation away and travel to Iran.

1) Iran is safe to travel

Iran is one of the safest countries in the region and many travelers declare that travelling in Iran is much safer than travelling in Europe. Local people welcome the tourists with warm smiles and open arms. They believe that tourists are their guests and they should host them in the best way. Moreover Iran is safe for solo travelers and women only travelers as well; however, they are advised not to go to remote places by themselves or to avoid walking around late at night. Iranians are very friendly and hospitable.

2) Iran is a perfect place for backpacking

Iran is among the cheap destinations for travel; therefore, you have the chance to find hostels and guesthouses in the main tourist places and get some help from its kind locals. Moreover many people know Iran as a cultural destination with many historical tourist attractions with roots in ancient civilizations. It is also a perfect place for backpackers who add adventurous activities to its cultural aspect. For instance, when you travel to Tabriz don't forget to explore the colorful mountains in Tabriz too. Iran has great wildlife, wonderful deserts, deep canyons, and tall waterfalls.

3) Iranians aren’t Arabs

Since Iranians alphabet is similar to Arabic one and the most of the countries in Middle East are Arabic, some may think that Iranians are Arabs too. You should notice that Iranians even don't understand the Arabic language and they speak Persian (Farsi) language. However, Arabs as part of the population of Iran live in some parts of the country.Iranians are Persians not Arabs.

4) Traveling to Iran with babies/children

If you wish to travel to Iran with your babies/children, do not worry. The nature, food, architecture, people, and other aspects important in travel will be amazing for children as well. Moreover, there are not strict dress codes for children and they can freely wear shorts or sleeveless. If you have tours to big cities like Tabriz Tour, remember that there are several luna parks that your children may like them.

5) Currency in Iran

Iran is a cheap destination but do not forget to bring enough money since you cannot use your credit cards in Iran. You need to bring enough cash with yourself and change it into Rials (IRR) when you reach Iran. Currency in Iran is confusing. Though Rial is the official currency, prices are usually mentioned in Toman. 10 Rials equal 1 Toman. Just be aware of the difference, but do not worry, people will help you understand what they mean when they express the price of something.

6) Mobile SIM card and Network in Iran

None of the SIM cards from other countries work in Iran. You need Iranian SIM cards that let you contact your family and friends abroad and provide you network to get connected and find access to the information you search for. Moreover almost all hotels provide Wifi to their guests which access to proper speed in compare with the mobile data network.

7) Cost of Transportation in Iran

Either bus or train, due to the distances between two points the expense are so low. You would feel easy and comfortable in air-conditioned buses and enjoy the different scenery in train stations located in different villages and cities. Don't worry! It is so easy to book seats in both transportation choices. You just need to go terminals and easily give your names and passport numbers and get tickets for your destination. Don't forget to try Tehran to Gorgan railway which is one of the most beautiful railways of Iran and it will amaze you with the beauty of nature you would observe through the train windows. Flights are also available in major cities too; however you have to consider the probable delays which are usual in Iran. Within the cities, you can also take advantage of different transport options such as taxis, buses, minibuses, bicycles, and subways- in some major cities.

8) Visit bazaars in Iran

Bazaars have a crucial role in the life of Iranian. You can find bazaars in every small city and town. Go to bazaars and admire their architecture, customs, and colors. The most important Bazaar belong to Tabriz Grand Bazaar which is the longest covered bazaar in the world and in tours to Tabriz you enjoys different corners of it.


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